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Can't believe how you managed to keep such optimism despite a situation that would have crushed me down so much!

Actually - I wish the game could teach me to cook the actual recipe - I'm Italian and I'd be very curious to learn. You never know ;)


CHALLENGE No One Can Cook Food Like Me

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Привет Отличная игра, можете ли вы заценить мою игру?

Not bad. Definitely feel like this could be something better if y'all continued this.

Really enjoyed this game. Played it three times due to my own mistakes of misclicking, but had fun with the memories and the soup creation. But the floor shrimp is cursed. lol.

This is so sad that your alone on Christmas I'm going to cry

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Your game looks interesting. I love the graphics and its style. I would have liked if we would have to make Hot Pots from scratch, which means without a ready-made Hot Pot base in the cooking pot. As I've never made Hot Pot before by myself, I'd love to learn it through your game (which would also mean to learn how much of each ingredient would be reasonable to use).

I wouldn't mind a higher price for the game if it had these features.






Wasting Food Simulator, lol...just kidding, looks interesting.

enjoyed this, only wish I had more time to find all the memories and not waste all the food. Happy holidays!


Can't wait to play this~ Gonna buy it soon~

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It actually looks REALLY, REALLY fun

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how do i download this i cant see the download button

nvm i managed it out


how did u do it ? I can't find

Hey there! Since we are working on the full version of the game, it is currently unavailable to download until its final release. For more details please refer to this post. Sorry about the confusion! 


ok thx


This game makes me feel lonely. What a sad thing it is


can you make it on browser?- ;~;

its a good game

Everything looks really well made!! Awesome!! fun game :D

Is this available for windows XP and 32bit?

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Unfortunately, Currently the game only supports Windows 10, but we will try to make it compatible with more operating systems in our full version coming out next year! 


Awwwww thats ok do your best at making games :)

I had fun with this, even if I ended up wasting most of the food by accident.

Thank you for playing and giving valuable feedback! We will try to incorporate them in our full version coming out next year.  Happy to see a tofu fan  :) 

I played this game on my latest episode of my 'Funny Random Games' series on my YouTube channel! 😃

I played this game because I saw it and it made me hungry 🤣 but I had a lot of fun with it! Great job! 

Check out the video below! 

Thank you for playing! And glad to hear that you enjoyed it! 

Adorable game! Was giggling the whole time. My partner and I played it together, we're both from Asian cultures living in Europe. Everytime I'd drop a piece of food he would get annoyed, grab the mouse and pick it up hah. And the scene with the leftovers plus the "stats" at the end--we felt so guilty/attacked! Hilarious how Asian we still were even in-game haha. Thanks for making this, can't wait to see more of it and your work!

Glad you enjoyed the game, and thank you for sharing your story! It is always fascinating for us to see different responses to the game. 

We are currently thinking of releasing this game on Steam in the near future. You are welcome to follow us for the latest updates!

I loved the game! I could really resonate with the main character and I loved how such a simple action of eating food was created into a such a wonderful gaming experience.


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :)