Lunar New Year Update

Hey everyone,

Happy Year of the Tiger! I am so happy to bring you this major update on the look and feel of Hot Pot for One. For this time around, we worked with amazing artist and illustrator Ida Huang to introduce a series of new food and item memory illustrations. We are really satisfied with how much personality and meaning those drawings have added to the game, so we hope you enjoy them as well. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know how you think!

Throughout the new year, we hope to continue introducing new updates and patches one step at a time and take the game closer and closer to match our original vision. If you would like to get news about upcoming releases, you can follow our twitter @HotPotFor1 or subscribe to our newsletter here. Again, thanks so much for the patience and support, and I wish you all a safe and fruitful new year.

Hot Pot For One Team

02/01/2022 Update Outline:


45 new memory illustrations
new memory animations
new phone menu UI interface and animations
new dialogues


Updated soundtracks with new instruments and mixing
Optimization on gameplay interactions and textures

Future plans:

Chinese Localizations
Mac support
Steam Achievement and Controller Support

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Feb 01, 2022

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